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What Size Wheel Do I Need?

If you own a vehicle, it is always good to know the right size of wheels for your vehicle. It's frustrating to go to the auto shop repeatedly whenever you decide to get new wheels. That's why you need to know how to choose the right wheel size for your vehicle, even before thinking about buying.

Wheels are made of different materials and sizes, not all measures and models are suitable for your vehicle. If your goal is to improve the functionality or elegance of your vehicle, you must choose the wheels that best suit your vehicle. Below we will share with you a quick wheel size guide that experts use to measure the wheels of any vehicle.

Measuring your wheels

Take measurements

Measuring your wheels is important if you must know the right size that will fit your vehicle properly. To take measurements, you need to take the wheel off your vehicle and lay it flat down. At this point, you need to pay massive attention here as this is a bit technical and most times require the service of an expert but here’s a quick wheel size guide for that.

Firstly, lay the wheel down and measure the diameter with a tape then take the readings this will give you an overview of what your actual wheel size is, and you pick something way more than that.

When you’re done with the diameter, move on to measure the width. In the next bullet point, I will discuss the importance of considering the width of your wheels.

Now, the third thing you need to do here is to take note of the wheel bolt pattern. Take a record of the number of lug holes in the wheel as well as the distance from one hole to another.

Finally, you need to consider the wheel offset. This is the distance from which the wheel is mounted and the wheel’s centerline.

Consider the width

The width of your wheel is important to ensure that it fits your vehicle properly. In addition to proper fitting, wheel widths also affect your vehicle’s handling quality. Always choose wheels that are in range with your vehicle’s specification. This provides an excellent balance between performance and driving quality.

Buy a wheel that’s exactly like the previous one

When buying a new set of wheels (even if it’s custom wheels), it is easier to choose a size that is equal to your previous wheels, so will be able to replace a 15” steel wheel with 15” allow wheel. However, it is best to try to get closer to the total diameter of your current wheels and tires.

Tire size is also very important when deciding which wheels to use. This is because if the tires are too small or too large, the wheels will not fit well. If you get a wheel that matches tire, but the tire is too small or too big for your car, it can also cause driving problems, which can ruin your car. To find out which tire is the best for your car, you can consider checking your car manual.

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