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How to Clean Your Wheels in 5 Steps

Almost everyone has amazing wheels fitted perfectly in their car, but in order to retain the looks and performance of your wheels and rims, you must keep them in good condition and maintain them properly. Proper wheel maintenance is needed to keep your wheels and rims fit at all time.

Below, we will discuss the best wheel maintenance tips to help your care for your wheels, so they retain their looks and performance.

Wheel maintenance tips

Park your car very well

Before you try to clean your wheels, first, you have to make sure your car is parked properly in a shade so that the sun does not dry the soap or water faster than you want. In addition, do not forget to turn off the engine of your car to enable every part of the car to be cool.

Apply a powerful water flow to the wheel.

    The best way to remove dirt from your wheel is to use a powerful water flow. Take a strong hose that is connected to a mini water tank and spray it to the wheels at close range. Depending on the coating of your wheels and the amount of dirt in the wheels, you may use cleansing products that do not contain bleach. To do this, just add a few drops of your car cleaner to the mini water tank.

    Clean your wheels

      After washing your wheels, it’s important you clean your wheels properly. Avoid using a hard brush or steel wool to clean your wheel or anything that can scratch the surface of your wheels. Use a soft cloth that can dry water and remove tiny dirt without leaving marks on your wheel. You can use a very soft brush to clean the nuts area. While you’re using the brushes to remove tiny dirt from your wheel, ensure that there is still some water in the wheel. When you’re done, apply fresh water and after that clean the surface and every area with a soft cloth or rag and move on to the next step.

      Polish your wheels

      After you wash and clean your wheels, select the appropriate polish for your wheel, and polish it completely. For coated wheels, use a polish supplied by the wheel manufacturer. The main reason for polishing is to make the wheel glossy after washing.

      Clean your wheel at the right time

      It is also important to consider cleaning your wheels at the right time. If you own a car, you should never clean your wheel immediately after driving it. This is because the friction between the tires and the road caused by driving can make the wheels to be extremely hot. While this is true, it is best to avoid using cold water to clean very hot wheels because it can cause permanent stains.

      After following the above tips perfectly, you will find out that your wheels and rims are new and shinning once more. These are the exact tips that are being used by most professional car washers to offer car washing services.

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